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FOOOD FINGS GAS SIDE PROJECT We love to talk about foood! Steve loves food, put a plate of anything in front of him and it disappears. Gail was also nicknamed a trencher for her ability to clear a plate, she is also fascinated with the different eating habits of her family and others…

Foood Fings is a way to do more than just talk about food, to show food some love, not just through words, but pictures too. We found out what silly, horrid, weird, tastes and habits friends, family, clients and connections have.

We wanted to have a project where the boundaries were only those devised by us. It lets us experiment with techniques and creative skills we both have, but don’t usually get to share with a client. But most importantly the concepts can be a little more off the wall.


The Foood Fings project started in the Christmas of 2017, with the idea to create a limited edition book, it has spun into limited edition art prints and tea towels, as well as an especially commissioned question mark spoon.

We created a brief for students to create images for the book too, which has helped them how to produce artwork to an industry standard. They created both bold and whimsical solutions. Watch this space to see more images and future side projects…


Electric People

Gail Hoban

Print Maker

Steve Goodwin

Graphic Artist


A few images from our latest exhibition